Adriana da Costa Silva – Senior Modelling Analyst / Master Student of Southampton University – UK

Before I started Nice Costa’s course I had studied at Cultura Inglesa for 2 ½ years. There I learned a lot of grammar but I rarely spoke.

With Nice, my English improved a lot. I started to speak and I had the opportunity to put in practice everything that I had learned. In addition, I also learned much more, not only grammar, but a wide vocabulary and many useful expressions through different activities in class. I enjoyed the course because it was made for me and I was the one who determined the rhythm of the class.

After this experience I was encouraged to go abroad and I lived in Canada for two months. I didn’t have any problems understanding or making myself understood and it was very rewarding.

Now, I am living in the UK where I am getting a master degree in my area. I can say I became an international person because of the doors that were open for me.


I believe English for you is a good choice and it will help you a lot.