Monise Pavani – Stastistician- Durham UK

I always knew  the importance of English in our lives: In times to look for a job, to travel, to know other cultures and mainly, to be able to communicate with the world.

But even knowing this, I used to have difficulties in learning this language because the courses were boring and uninteresting. It was when English For You appeared in my life and changed my mind.

I took almost four years of classes (I can’t believe this!!).

The classes used to be enjoyable and interesting, I never went to classes forced, I always was eager to know what Nice would bring me  each time. Because that’s how the course is… made for you!

It doesn’t matter if you like cooking or adventure sports, if you are girly or geek, the teacher will bring some subject or curiosity that you like to make your learning easier and more fun.

I’m very grateful for the dedication that Nice had to teach me. She knows better than anyone how much I improved during this time.

Today I’m living in England and through knowledge that I gained I can communicate with people and live a normal life here.

If I were you I would soon start the English For You course. ;)